Comic 61 - Ich Spreche Nicht Nietzsche

31st Jul 2011, 1:01 AM
Ich Spreche Nicht Nietzsche
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Sniper 31st Jul 2011, 1:01 AM edit delete
'The Birth of Tragedy' for me, is a rather difficult book to read. My personal opinion of the book is that it is a few relatively interesting ideas taken and drawn out over 96 or so pages, (mixed in with many an awkward metaphor) that could have easily been explained in maybe two or three sentences. OK, I'm guessing from that, people have stopped reading. Ha-ha! My time to shine. So, get this right, I went to town once about six years ago to visit a friend. I left their house and made my way to the main of town, then there was this hobo, right, and he starts following me, and I'm like "Ho shit" and run into a McDonald's where I see my friend. I tell 'em about the crazy hobo-gentleman and lo and behold, he is staring at me right outside the window! I was like "Woah shit, man." True story.

So,yeah. A.I.R's back.


ThornsInOurSide 31st Jul 2011, 1:22 AM edit delete
I do think that dividing the various modes of artistic expression into Dyonisian and Appolonian categories makes a lot of sense.